Open house and exhibition








Day 12 – Final Projects


Taylors’ failed kites in the meadow.


Emilys “dressed” tree stump



Maggies Tailor shop


Sophie and Threseas work study labor rights project.


Rosemarys embroidery inspired by Eminem lyrics.



Karis weight of work project


Kiahs naturalist samples


Allies flags


Eloise attempts a performance of camouflage and disappearance.




Day 11: working after the flood

Maggie speaks with a customer in her tailor shop.


Fabrics drying in the sun, after the flood.


the beginnings of the Sewing Sorority Chair.


Kitchen staffs new aprons.

Day 10: Projects evolving





Day 9: Work, work, work

completed knock off jacket


Knock off Jump suit


Pattern head


Knock off dress




projects in process…..




Day 8: Knock off project and an appearance by Frau Fiber



deconstruct and reconstruct – generating a pattern


notches and markings


sew it!


wear it!


Pocket it!


After lunch Frau Fiber demo’s the shirt apron.



Day 6 / 7: Poetics of space collaborations

Visual mapping of reflections on the readings.


areas of interests


discussion groups


talking it out and in process



and the final outcome