Welcome to Sewn Stratigies

Course Description:

This course will explore sewing as a social and political action and the potentials of various sewing techniques to create 2-D and 3-D site-specific textile forms.  How does the meaning of this craft change when it is taken beyond the walls of the domestic setting? Investigating sewing as a process will involve sewing outdoors as a group using pedal, hand crank, and solar powered sewing machines and holding public sewing workshops.

Beyond the explorations into the meanings of sewing as a process, we will focus on developing a strong vocabulary of machine and hand sewing techniques, pattern making for body and 3-D structures, embroidery, zipper installation, sewing alternative materials including paper and plastic, mending and patching. We will draw inspiration from textiles, as we source fabrics from multiple waste streams such as thrift stores, yard sales, and industrial excess.  How textiles are implemented locally in the lake community for things such as survival garments, flags, sails, tents, boat covers, hammocks, life jackets, and rafts will serve as a springboard for class projects.

Projects will involve collaborative actions and site-specific sewn textile interventions on the campus of Ox-Bow and in the town of Saugatuck.