Bow Haus – Camera Obscura

Fibers and photo work together to build a camera obscura.

After the tent was sealed and labled it went to the lake michigan beach…

and here is what was inside.  And yes it’s upside down.




OXB- sewing sorority










Day 5: Change of schedule due to rain

Studio is busy with

Sock Darning demo’s

Knock off pattern notes





Surface treatment sample



knock off pattern tracing


and rope making

Images of embroidery, textile structures and mended clothes



Sewing Rebellion Participants

Day 4: Pink shelter and embroidery lesson at the beach

a discussion on sloppy craft and a few dips in the lake.

Day 3 – Nautical Needles, thrifting and collaborating. One hell of a busy day!

Check out Nautical Needles.


the machine



samples of windows


the cloth


getting some supplies for knocking off!


and repurposing


sewing the skin of a giant camera obscura with the photo students



Day 2: Seam, tuck, gather, dart, stiffen and bone

But first a green awning to keep the sun off,


and tomorrow a trip to Nautical Needles and thrifting in Holland.  Don’t forget, sewing for Photo’s camera obscura after lunch and sample review and reading questions at 4 pm.