PDF Format Sewn Strategies Syllabi Oxbow Summer 2011

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Sewn Strategies Oxbow Summer 2011

Marianne Fairbanks                                                                                                                                      

Carole Lung                                                                                                                                                        

July 17   Sunday   Evening meeting

Introductions – Introductions, review syllabus, assign readings, samples

July 18  Monday                                                                                                                                                                              AM DEMO: Patterning making:  tracing, drafting, paper skin.

PM: Reading Discussion / Images:  Fashioning Architecture and Art

July 19  Tuesday

AM Sewing Machine Anatomy  / Seams / Zippers /darts, tucks, pleats/ buttons holes and closures

PM Reading Discussion: Sewn Notions  DEMO Stuffing and Stiffening

July 20   Wednesday

AM Field trip to Nautical Needles in Holland.  Stop at thrift shops to gather materials.

4 PM Reading Discussion and Sample review / Images: Material With Memory

July 21   Thursday

AM Surface treatments and appliqué

PM Reading Discussion/ Images:  Sloppy Craft / Demos:  Mending and embroidery

4-5 pm Sample Review

July 22  Friday

Collaborative experience: Reading “Poetics of Space”

4-5 pm reflect on experience

July 23  Saturday

AM Demo: Zipper / button

Work day

July 24  Sunday

AM Sewing machine threading excercise

Proposals to group / Individual Meetings with Carole and Marianne

July 25   Monday

AM Knock off pattern making
PM Performing / lecture and demonstrations

July 26   Tuesday

Writing Instructions / performing Demos draft due.

July 27  Wednesday

In process meetings with Carole and Marianne

July 28   Thursday

Work day

Pattern for distribution due. Make copies

July 29   Friday

Final Critique- Leave work installed for open studio. Prepare work for auction

July 30  Saturday

AM final studio clean out.


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